Friday, August 30, 2013

My thinking on Syria: 8/30/2013

I have been around for a few wars.  I was born during the Second World War, collected Korean War cards when I was 8, read about and viewed photos of the war in Vietnam in Paris Match before we American were shown how bloody it was in our own news magazines and stayed up all night watching the first war against Iraq called Desert Storm.

Now we are being told that we have to do something because the regime in Syria has used chemical weapons against its own civilian population, and that we have a moral obligation to do something because chemical weapons are inhuman.  War is inhuman.

My problem is what do we hope to accomplish?  This will not produce a regime change I don't think. Perhaps more innocent civilians will die as a result of our missile strike?  Besides the corporations that make the missiles, who else is going to gain?  What if we do more damage than good?

It is tough to watch photos and videos of dead children.  Assad should go, but what will follow will be any better?

At this point, I guess President Obama thinks he has to do something, but I would like him to reconsider what the downside might be.  Missiles will not bring back those children and adults that died from chemical weapons (poisonous gas), and our actions are going to be criticized if the slightest thing goes wrong.

Personally, I think we should sit this one out.  Perhaps the British have it right this time.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sunflower 2013

This is my first Sunflower of the summer 2013.  There are a few more coming along, but this one got started on its own early.  Big, beautiful and full of color!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A New Month, Another Project

The 2 Obama paintings, The Black Obama and The White Obama need specially made frames, and that is my next project.  Each painting measures 20" by 16" and will be fitted into a tabernacle style frame that will be painted especially for that portrait.  When the two frames are finished and hung together just a few inches apart, they will encompass the range I am seeking.  Whether others will feel that I achieved my objective remains to be seen.  We all have are unique sense of humor, and our own sense of political satire.  Some will like what I have put together, and no doubt others will not.  As an artist, I see my job as stirring the pot of paint.