Thursday, August 5, 2010

Santa Monica Pier, CA

Dick Cheney hanging out at Santa Monica Pier photo No. 1. Batman protecting the people at Santa Monica Beach from Darth Vader.


LceeL said...

Ah, yes. THAT'S where they live - and the balance of the universe is maintained.

moneythoughts said...

The weather in LA is so nice that it makes sense why it costs so much to live there. It was actually chilly at the end of Santa Monica Pier.

But, living in the midwest this time of year is like an oven.

Butch said...

It will be real interesting when all the info comes out,sometime down the road, about the multiple wars, the recession and who was truely incharge and manipulating the system for their own rewards. It may be 30 yrs. or more from now before we really learn these truths, unfortunately we may not be around to do so.

Then again, we may not want to be so embarrassed as to have the finger pointing towards our generation. We could be the generation of multiple wars and two forms of political symbolism, the hate the establishment hippy and the follow the leader into war with great rounds of applause.

So, I ask, who is behind that mask in picture #1, Cheney or Joe Public? Maybe it's Rumsfeld. Could be the representative from G/S or AIG. Only time will truely tell.

moneythoughts said...

Butch, one of the best comments I have ever received on my blog. Well said.

Butch said...

Thanks Fred. I was in the "moment" with Turkish Pipes and fancy automobiles dancing in my head. Couldn't make the decision of which I wanted more. Thus, pen to paper and this is what you got.......a repeated question/thought.