Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cleaning House: The Kind You Live In

I have finally found something I can do without other people telling me they can do it better - cleaning my house. My daughter and grandson are coming to Cincinnati for a visit and I have been cleaning. When you live with a dog and a cat, and there is no one else, I have a tendency to let things like cleaning go. But, when you have guests visit, you know you got to clean up a bit. I am sure glad I haven't forgotten how to clean a house. With all the great products out there to help you do the job, cleaning house, not surprisingly, is still a pain in the ass.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

The trick is to train the dawg and the cat to clean up after themselves.

moneythoughts said...

You got that right. If they could just pick up all the hair they drop that would be a big help!

J. Kwiatkowski said...

One of the best parts about my husband finally getting a job is that I can clean the house on a schedule again. Thursday- that is second laundry day. I enjoy having a schedule, it's most relieving.
Hope you have a nice visit in your clean house!