Monday, June 13, 2011

After The Ride 2011

Sunday I rode in my 5th RIDE CINCINNATI. The weather cooperated in that it was on the cooler side for a June morning in Northern Kentucky. The workouts paid off as I knocked off the 26 miles without breaking a sweat. After I cooled down, I felt pretty exhausted as I rode hard and kept moving at the best pace I could manage. Riding along the Ohio River is a relatively flat route with an occasional hill, but nothing like cycling through Cincinnati where the hills can eat you up. Hopefully, I will ride next year too. The challenge now is to keep riding the rest of the summer and build on what I have developed. Above is a photo of me after the ride in the park by the Ohio River. I know, I look like an old man, but I can still pedal.


LceeL said...

You are my hero. Actually, I do have to admire your ability to get out there and pedal 26 miles without breaking a sweat. I wish I could. But then, I suppose that would mean actually getting on my bike and training up. Well, I'll give it a whack and see what happens. :)

p.s. Word Verification is 'maxedly'. Like the effort, I suppose.

Butch said...

Great job Fred.