Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Is For Art: The Tabernacle Frame

I got back to work on The Tabernacle Frame this past week. The piece is not finished. Perhaps it needs to be distressed a bit? I have worked on aging the frame a bit, so now I will just let it sit for awhile and move on to something else. This piece which is made from wood and painted in acrylics is about 25" by 25".

The weather here today is nothing but ice. Ice is everywhere and while it may be pretty to look at, it is not pretty to drive or walk on. All we need now is a little sunshine to warm the air to melt the ice and I can get on with my day.

Have a safe and nice weekend.

Mother & Child with 2 Butterflies in Tabernacle Frame by F.D. Zigler, acrylics on wood, 2011-12.

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Yolanda Garfield said...

I love this piece; I can't imagine what else you can do to it to make it better but can't wait to find out.