Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Triptych

This painting that I call THE TRIPTYCH is done in acrylic paints on birch plywood. I like to paint on wood after I have fashioned something with the wood. Last year I built a case with 2 doors and called it THE ALTARPIECE. I am going to do another altarpiece this year, but on a much smaller scale. I am still debating with myself about the shape as I want this little piece, though small in size, to have some stature. The stature part falls on me the craftsman building the case and the 2 doors. And, then painting something scaled to the smaller overall size of the piece. This time I think I will need to make a drawing, the actual size, so that I get the angle cuts right. THE TRIPTYCH by F.D. Zigler, Great American Artist, 2012.

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