Wednesday, August 1, 2012

President Baruch Shalom Obama?

Hating people is back in vogue!  Perhaps, hating people never went out of vogue.  I am to the age that I would have to stop and think about who I hate, or, if I even hate anyone.  I hate intolerance and cruelty, and monsters in the human form that have no respect for human life.

There are a lot of people that hate President Obama in the USA.  Several people say they dislike him because of his policies and his political ideology.  That is fair as we don't expect people like people who we disagree, or do we?  I don't like people that have a political ideology that fosters intolerance, cruelty and lies.

Since so much has been made of Obama's place of birth, his father's religion, his upbringing and his education, I have wondered: what would have been said about a President Obama had his father been from Ethiopia instead of Kenya, and his father had been a black Jew instead of a Muslim? (There are black Jews in Ethiopia and they have lived there for a thousand years or more.) Ethiopia borders next to Kenya's northern border.

What if Obama's first name had been Baruch instead of Barak? What if his middle name had been Shalom* instead of Hussein?  If his name had been Baruch Shalom Obama would he have been portrayed as a Jew if he claimed to be a Christian? How many people would have accepted his Christianity, or, would people say he is a Jew?  Would they claim that his policies have made him the worst U.S. President towards Israel?

Would people question his admission into Columbia or Harvard Law School.  There are lots of Jews that have attended Columbia and Harvard Law School?  Would people question how he earned his money?  Jews are known for knowing how to make a living and taking care of their families.

What other things would be said about a President Baruch Shalom Obama?  I can only wonder?

* Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, middle name is Shalom.

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