Saturday, November 17, 2012

Altarpiece No. 3 - A Work In Progress

Altarpiece No. 3 is less than 17 inches in height and about 9 inches wide.  I am in the photo this time to give some indication of scale. The materials at this point are: half inch birch plywood good both sides, pine molding and popular held together by wood glue and a few nails. the 2 doors are attached with small brass hinges, a pair on each door.  The wood is then coated with gesso and painted with GOLDEN liquid acrylic paint in red oxide and then metallic gold. Oh, I forgot to mention that I sand after each coat of the gesso and try to build a nice undercoat to which I apply the red oxide and then the metallic gold.  I am now working with a nail and nail set to decorate the center panel and inside of both doors.  When I can get back to work on this project, I will be developing the patterns which I will trace onto the center panel and the 2 doors.  Then I will apply the acrylic paint. Yes, this will be a piece of political satire.  No, it is not for any ecclesiastical purpose; however, if anyone wants to worship my creativity, they are free to do so.

Altarpiece No. 3, by F.D. Zigler, in progress 11/17/2012.

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