Thursday, January 2, 2014

Economic Realities of 2014: The NFL Playoffs

I studied American and European history in college, both undergrad and in graduate school.  One of the things that I liked to talk about were those "unspoken" events that gave historians a view of history.  When looking at the economy here in the United States after the 2008 financial crisis, and the fact that income inequality has become wider not narrower, one might be able to conclude that wealth factors, (or the lack of wealth) are showing up in the fact that several professional football teams not being able to sell all their tickets for the playoff games this year. As income distribution continues to favor the wealthy among us, more and more people are falling further and further behind, and now it is starting to show up in the numbers of people that can not afford playoff tickets, not just in Cincinnati, but in Indianapolis and Green Bay as well.  Perhaps it is time for the owners of the NFL teams to realize that in order for the NFL to fill stadiums, there has to be a better distribution of wealth in the USA. 

Now, for all of you out there that do not understand Economics 101, please don't tell me I am a socialist or a communist for suggesting that lack of disposable income plays a factor in football fans' ability to afford playoff tickets. If incomes are stagnant and the cost of essentials such as food, clothing, shelter and healthcare rise, disposable income shrinks - disappears! Do the friggin' math! It is simple arithmetic!


Butch said...

So right but don't forget the players Union that demands the pay scale. Nobody deserves the millions they get in all sports for playing a game that really serves no purpose other than entertainment. Thus actors and musicians alike should take a look at them selves.

Butch said...

Hope the holidays find you well Fred. I haven't seen anything posted since this post from last Jan.

moneythoughts said...

Butch, I haven't posted anything. I have been putting my stuff, art work and other, on Facebook. They really jump all over me on Facebook. : )

Butch said...

What do you think about my thoughts below.

The talking heads in commodities are at it everyday but oil has really been the target lately. Surprisingly, the GOP side of the isle hasn't been yelling about the state of the gas / oil situation in this country when they are so die hard for business. I'm surprised that they haven't pointed at Obama, after all, he's the one that 8 years or so ago said he want the U.S. to be oil independent. The big oil says it isn't making money, well let's see what kind of numbers Exxon reports. Reports this past week for why the prices went up was two strikes, shut downs for repairs AND the biggie, switching over to summer grade fuels. Too many excuses by the companies and in some cases the talking heads.

Bottom line, in my humble opinion, is this is not the right time to get into this part of the commodities market unless it is thru a good mutual fund that buys multiples.