Friday, September 19, 2008

Even Shakespeare Could Not Have Written This Farce

The problems with our domestic economy and the problems on Wall Street are serious. I and others, more knowledgeable than me, have written over the last several months what needs to be corrected in the area of regulation and oversight with regards to the securities industry. But now since the most recent bit of turmoil on Wall Street with the sale of Merrill Lynch and the rescue of AIG with an $85 billion loan from the people, John Q. Public, tax payer, we hear from presidential candidate John McCain. John McCain is now going to shake up Wall Street and fire the head of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). This is the same John McCain who is for small government and little to no regulation. If the situation was not so bad, it would be funny. Is this a farce I am watching in real time? Shakespeare himself could not have come up with a farce this funny. The guy who calls himself a conservative and a Reagan Republican is now for tougher regulation of the securities industry. As Bill Clinton would say, “give me a break.” However, I think John McCain is serious. Serious about saying anything that he thinks will help get himself elected.

If, the American electorate buys this line of crap, they deserve the government they get.

My fellow Americans, if you are hurting from this economy and you want a change in the direction our country is going economically and politically, then join me and vote for Obama-Biden on or before election day.

Stay tuned.


Robert said...

Dave Ross is a very insightful talk show host on KIRO in Seattle. This morning, 9 AM PST show, He excerpted some surprising things that McCain said and then played audio of Republicans cheering in the back ground. He marveled that Republicans were cheering for the kind of proposals that they often have rhetoric against. It's like the world turning upside down.

Hyphen Mama said...

My husband and I were just talking last night... am I wrong when I think that it's ultimately NOT the American people who are going to vote in our next president? Isn't it the Electoral College and their Electoral Votes that will ultimately do the job? AND isn't it fact that they can choose to follow the American vote, or NOT follow how the Americans have voted? In an election this close, what are the odds that the candidate who actually gets more votes won't be the candidate who takes office?

moneythoughts said...

hyphen mama,

The electoral college votes the president, but the vote of the state's electoral votes goes to the majority winner. In 2000, Gore won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college vote. Florida was the state that decided that election. The candidate that wins the most votes in a state gets all of the electoral votesfrom that state. That's what the blue and red states are all about. There are no purple states, they go either red(Republican) or blue(Democrat). The popular vote winner in a state gets all of the electoral votes.

moneythoughts said...


It is just a matter of saying what ever McCain thinks will win him the election. He is going down to defeat. He doesn't know enough about the economy, and the American people are quickly seeing this is the case. Now he is the great regulator. What a joke.