Friday, September 12, 2008

Time For A Level Playing Field

Marketing, to me, is a most interesting facet of business or for that matter political campaigns. Creating a desire for a product or service that we may not want or even need is basically what marketing is all about. Who needs a watch that costs several thousand dollars to know what time it is? Look at all the watches that will give you the correct time for under five hundred dollars. Or, how about a hand bag for several thousand dollars? I know these are luxury items for those that can afford them, or, for people that don't know what to do with their money.

Now let us turn our attention to the presidential campaign. If you are a Republican, and you vote Republican all the time, straight ticket as we say, then you can stop reading right here, because what I am going to write, you don't want to read.

This campaign season has produced its own buzz words. The most notable of which is the word "change." Obama, I think most people would agree, was the first to use this theme in his campaign. But, now we find that McCain is also using the word and calling himself the agent of "change." It is a fact that McCain voted with President George W. Bush 90% of the time, and yet McCain wants the American people to believe that he is the candidate that will deliver "change." McCain has been in the Congress for something like 26 years and while he has his name on several pieces of legislation, he is hardly the maverick that he would like us to believe he is.

Recently in the campaign, the McCain people have been running ads in Ohio on TV in which it talks about a bill in the Illinois legislature that Obama did not sponsor, but was for. The bill dealt with helping young children know and defend by knowing about sexual predators. McCain's campaign has taken this and turned it on its head and goes on TV saying Obama wanted to teach children about sex before they could even read. It is because of crap like this that I will never vote for a Republican even if he says all the right things. Here we have a man, a father of two young daughters, and this is where the Republicans go after him? I have no use for such people.

If the Republicans are interesting in digging up old dirt, they should look in their own yard, there is plenty of old dirt to dig up there. Have you ever heard of the Keating Five? Well, look it up? See who the Keating Five were and what they did? Charles Keating went to jail for breaking the law. He hurt a lot of old people who had their savings in his savings & loan. This is real stuff, I am not making it up. Google Charles Keating and Lincoln Savings. Google Keating Five. You want dirt, how about real dirt as opposed to made up dirt?

It is no secret that I am voting for Obama. And, I know he alone can not bring all the changes we would like to see by himself. But, I think this November, we might see a big "D" voter turn out. Government can not do everything, and most Americans don't expect it either, but government can level the playing field. Now is time for a level playing field!

Stay tuned.


winslow said...

Many of my friends are Republicans. I don't discuss politics with them. But what I see is an intense hatred of others. I know I can't discuss and evaluate issues on a political level because there is no compromise. I, personally, want to dissect each issue, hear opinions from each side, and then form an opinion. I don't understand how anyone can have a party view, but then again, that's me.
Why does it seem like this country is in a huge tolet bowl that is draining; everything is happenening faster and faster as we go down.

moneythoughts said...

Let us hope it is not that bad, but we are getting close. Unless we change our direction, we will continue to export the wealth of this country for oil.