Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rush Limboss: Head of the Republican Party?

The Republican Party may not realize it, but they are moving at a high rate of speed into a dead end. They are moving the few pieces they have left on the chess board into a corner from where there is no where to go. We all know that you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Given that economic conditions can make people more aware, this is hardly the time to be negative about our president, his administration of the government's business or the survival of our country. Fair minded people will reject such a negative attitude from one coast to the other. If Rush Limboss is the brain trust of the Republican Party, the Republican Party has their own problems to deal with.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

Rush L. has every right to his opinion and, as much as I dislike listening to his narrow minded drivel, he's even entitled to the bully pulpit he holds, but nothing in the world would please me more than to live to see the day when he talked to no one but himself.

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Elizabeth said...

I was appalled by his attack on the GOP party head Michael Steele alleging that Michael Steele wanted the President to succeed. How much intelligence does it take to realize that if the President succeeds, the country succeeds and we are all better off? Of course, four years ago...eight years ago, would I have felt the same if the allegations were made of the Dems party head? Absolutely. If Bush had been a decent President, a successful President, if he had left the country better than he found it, I would most certainly have been able to begrudgingly give him credit.

Unfortunately, that simply wasn't the case. Perhaps it's all Rush Limbaugh's fault....

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winslow said...

Rush and his followers really think they are preserving the American dream. In reality, they want the government to fail. By definition, they are actually anarchists.

Having been in power for 8 years, the Republicans now seem to have the answers that had eluded them.

It's interseting that there was not one peep out of Rush concerning the extremely poor decisions the Republicans made during this time.... It's ok to torture in order to achieve our ends.... I would assume that it is also ok for terrorists to behead.

Doesn't it seem that as our society progresses, there is less intelligent discussion.

Rush may get his wish some day...only the Republicans will not be running things.

moneythoughts said...

I had the opportunity today to listen to Prime Minister Gordon Brown speak to a joint session of our Congress. He sounded like a liberal Democrat as he went through his list of key points. I found it amusing that the Republicans not only applauded, but stood up and applauded many times throughout his speech. If the Obama administration plays their cards right, they have a great partner in PM Gordon Brown. And, in turn, the rest of Europe as well. Negativity will only take you so far, didn't we all learn that from Darth Vader?

Greybeard said...

Well, I disagree.
At some point we must stop rewarding bad behavior. College Freshmen learn this in their "101" courses, yet we seem to have forgotten it.
There are more important things to deal with than whether or not Rush Limbaugh is criticizing the President.
The time to start is now.

moneythoughts said...


Thanks for your comments. You are always welcome to MONEYTHOUGHTS.

I am not sure what you are disagreeing with.

As for my comments about Rush, I was just giving my opinion. I thought the Republicans were going down the wrong road with Rush if they were going to be a truly national political party. Rush is an entertainer, in my opinion. Rush is not a conservative brain trust, in my opinion. If the Republican Party wants to throw in with Rush, I don't think they will be helping themselves to attract more people to the Republican Party, and, if they want to win back more elected offices, they will need to attract more votes.

It isn't my fight as I am not a Republican, but if I were, I would be in the mold of a Bill Buckley, not a Rush Limbaugh.