Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Is For Art

Sometimes a painting starts with an idea and other times, at least for me, it starts with a particular picture frame. One of my next painting projects got started because I had this old picture frame with a gold insert. The frame looks fairly old yet it is in good condition except that it needed a coat of paint. I decided to paint the wood frame with gold acrylic paint after putting down a primer coat of red oxide. The frame now has a nice fresh look. The other day I bought a piece of canvas board 16" by 20" and placed it on the back of the insert so I could trace the outline of the insert's opening. Then I removed the board from the insert and started to draw what will eventually be another version of a painting I made in 1995 titled "Mother & Child, Level Playing Field Out The Window". I donated that painting to the Clifton Senior Center's Progressive Dinner in the summer of 1995 and it sold at their silent auction. That was the only time I donated a painting to that group because they never asked me for a painting again. I guess someone did not like the painting even though it sold and they made money. As I said, I donated the painting for FREE. The painting was in oil on board and I framed it myself. Political art in Clifton is evidently a no no. You know my attitude about that, F**k'em, political art is what I do. Today, I have posted a photo of the original painting, as it looked, just before turning it over to the people at the silent auction.

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