Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Little History About The Envelope Collection

The above painting is from The Envelope Collection. For those that don't know about my envelope collection of paintings, let me give you a little background. When I was working for the State of Ohio, I received investment reports every month from the 100 plus money managers that managed a piece of the State Insurance Fund. One manager in NYC, Daruma Asset Management, sent their monthly reports in black paper envelopes. The paper had a texture that I liked so I decided to start saving them. The problem was how do you draw on a black envelope with a pen or pencil. At first I took these black envelopes and spread white acrylic paint over the back of the envelope and then after the paint was good and dry, I would draw on them with ballpoint pens. After a while, I decided I would just buy some acrylic paints and paint on them. Up until then, I painted in oils. But, acrylics were easy to clean up and I could paint as much as I felt like painting and then wash my brushes and put everything I was working on away. It was not unusual for me to be working on more than one painting at a time. After I retired, I took all the black envelopes that I had saved with me. Over the years, I have used these envelopes to create The Envelope Collection. I like to recycle old and used surfaces and frames. Old wood windows, I have found work well for picture frames, and I have framed a number of drawings and paintings using old wood windows. I simply remove the glass and insert paperboard with a drawing surface or, if I am painting, I cut MDO plywood to the size I need then nail into place and gesso. Some of the fun of creating a piece of art is using a "canvas" or "frame" that has been thrown away and giving it a new life. There are several pieces from The Envelope Collection that are framed and for sale. Check with the Collector's Art Group during the Holiday Sale if you have any interest.

Stay tuned.


miara5 said...

Hey, Fred! Another little writ, filled with brilliant ideas!
May your ideas spread like wildfire, and inspire others to save the earth, and at the same time, fill our world with ART!

J. Kwiatkowski said...

Neat. I used to like to pick up old paintings and frames at Goodwill, but now they've gotten too expensive. I don't know who is doing the pricing over there, but it's ridiculous.