Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turn Off The TV And Paint

I love my little TV room and I receive a great deal of pleasure watching news, sports and films relaxing in what may be referred to as my "man cave". But, someone would be doing me a big favor if I could no longer watch the cable news shows. Listening to some of these politicians in the morning is becoming too much for me to take. This morning I watched Congressman Mike Pence (R) Indiana talk on Morning Joe. He wants to maintain the Bush tax cuts, but he says we can't afford anymore unemployment compensation, but then he goes on to say that his heart goes out to those families that are unemployed. Then Pence goes on to say that they are unemployed because of the Obama's administration handling of the economy. The Obama administration handling of the economy? What about the financial meltdown, financial bailout for the banks, rising unemployment and the recession that occurred during the Bush administration? This country experiences one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression of the 1930s and the present administration is blamed? Well, I guess that's politics. Blame the other party is the way things are done, but at the very least, shouldn't your arguments hold water, make sense? I guess if things made sense I would turn off the TV and paint.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

Turn of the TV and paint anyway. It's a MUCH better use of your time. Paintings last ... for a long time. The Morning News will be repeated (without a lot of change) tomorrow.

moneythoughts said...

OK, how do you comment so fast? I publish one second and you comment the next second. : )

Yes, I need to paint more and not just walls. : )

Butch said...

Perfectly said and a perfect question that you will NOT get an answer to.

Just how far back would Pence like to go to put the blame, Nixon? That would be his best choice. Then he can do his fast forwarding all he wants.

It is not nor will it ever be ONE person or group that is at fault. One can only dislike the way an individual handles something, but to blame? Only if they are holding the smoking gun over the limp body of the victim.

Robert said...

There still must be a lot of people who are buying the theory that helping the rich will increase employment by increasing business investment.

This theory sounds logical, but it has a lot of problems. "What is business investing in" for instance. Just handing someone a check without a plan is problematic.

Then when the rich get too rich, the cost of living and doing business goes up for everyone else; like the billionaires chasing out the millionaires problem.

Ever wonder why state universities now claim they have to pay astronomical salaries to their presidents? They are competing with corporations that pay even higher to attract the talent, or at least what they say is the "talent." It's an upward spiral that pushes the cost of doing business up for everyone.

One can call it the "brain drain" problem. Fear that "talent" will leave the coup and go elsewhere as incomes, especially among top earners, continue to rise.

J. Kwiatkowski said...

Not being able to afford cable anymore has been a big help for my blood pressure and productivity. I'm learning to play the violin, too.