Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Is For Art: The Fiddler by Simeon Zigler (1911-69)

Later this summer, I hope to put on an exhibition of my fathers drawings and paintings to celebrate his 100th birthday. Si never had a solo show of his art, but now with a facility to be announced later, the art show that I have thought about doing for some 40 years will happen. Many of his best works are already framed and ready to be exhibited, but there are a number of pieces that still need to be framed or reframed. I am selling prints of his watercolor painting he called The Fiddler for $79 unframed and $199 framed with a dark reddish wood molding from Suider's Art Store (see photo above). Prices include shipping. If anyone is interested in owning this print on quality paper that measures 19"x13", please contact me at Thank you for your support.

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