Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Altarpiece: 3/1/11

Yes, I am still working on The Altarpiece, but it will not take me 10 years like the Ghent Altarpiece took the Van Eyck brothers. I enjoy taking my time and savoring the good time I am having with my project. The Pope can wait until I am done before he starts finding fault with it. What is this? The simple answer is: it is mother and child: level playing field out the window. If you want a more detailed explanation, you have to ask questions. Then, if I can answer them I will write more. The work is not finished, The case painting is not finished. The 2 doors are not finished. I work slow and I take my time and every now and then, I stop to smell the flowers.

Stay tuned.


Butch said...

Speaking of flowers, I expect to see sunflowers again this year.

From the ground up. That's what life is, from the ground up. In the case of your sunflowers they start out from the seed only to grow to tall majestic plants that in turn feed other creatures that started life from a seed too.

Waiting patiently.

J. Kwiatkowski said...

It's nice to have the time to work, and make changes when you need to.

moneythoughts said...

Butch, I will be planting more sunflowers this year. I have plenty of seeds to plant.

Julie, I am retired and do have the time, but I worked like this when I was still working too.

LceeL said...

A careful, measured approach is always better than the 'quickie' work people seem to be satisfied with, these days. remember the joke about the old bull and the young bull?