Saturday, February 26, 2011

Five Dollar Late Fee & My Trash Can

Trash pick up is normally on Fridays on my little street in Northside, but due to President's Day, the pick up day is pushed forward one day to Saturday morning. Last night I forgot to take my trash can out to the curb so this morning when I was having my coffee and watching the news of the world, I heard the big truck moving down my street. I jumped up and looked out the window and saw the truck moving towards my house. I ran downstairs and out the front door and said to the man standing along side the truck, "I have one can, can you wait?" And, then I ran to grab my trash can and make my way back to the front and next to the truck. The sanitation worker met me with a smile as I handed him my can and said smiling, "there is a $5.00 late fee", and emptied my can into the truck and handed me back my can. That exchange put a smile on my face and I went back inside and drank my coffee. You all have a nice weekend.


Butch said...

LOL you put a grin on mine too. Have a great weekend Fred.

Randy Stertmeyer said...

Everybody's a comedian. Very cute story. Send that guy my way.