Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Twenty Eleven has been a year of hardship for millions of people and families that are out of work. Millions of people want to work, but no jobs are available, and yet there are politicians that would rather defeat President Obama in 2012, than to bring forth a jobs program directed at rebuilding the infrastructure of the United States. Such callousness in the face of the pain that millions of out-of-work workers are enduring is difficult to understand. Given the natural disasters that have hit the country in recent weeks, perhaps there will be an overwhelming awakening to the need to build and repair infrastructure that is directly related to the well being of the nation.

Stay tuned.


winslow said...

Why can't there be a concept of business and labor working together to make the country stronger.
In actuality, capitalism and democracy are an antithesis to each other.
Business' main goal is to make a profit.....there is no concern for country. As this evolves, we will see democratic institutions begin to unwind and chaos will ensue.

moneythoughts said...

True! And that is where rules, fair play and regulations come in. Teddy Roosevelt recognized this at the turn of the last century, but in a 100 years, people forget.

I still can't get over how the public demands that the officials in the NFL, NBA and even MLB, take time out to review the play on video and make a final call. And yet, so many people do not understand the connection between the financial crisis and the economic crisis that followed and the destruction of regulations that kept our economy from falling into another depression. The population must get a lot smarter about the need for regulations of all types.