Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Is For Art: A Self Portrait for The Envelope Collection

My first commemorative postage stamps were painted before 1992, probably around 1990 and 1991. They were done on paper that measured 30" by 22", and they were painted in oil after I covered both sides of the Stonehedge sheets with healthy coat of gesso. So, now 20 years later I decided it was time to put myself on one of my commemorative postage stamps. No one thinks I am a Great American Artist, so I thought people need to know this even if my political satire paintings are on occasion rejected by the all powerful judges of the juried art shows that I submit my work. This portrait in part is painted from left over paint from other projects that I was working. Those who really know me will understand how this fits perfectly into who I am. Below the self portrait stamp of F.D. ZIGLER are a few of my favorite commemorative postage stamps.

Everyone have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

Stay tuned.

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