Saturday, February 11, 2012

We Ain't Going Back To The Way It Was!

Last night I watched a young man of Chinese ancestry, born in the United States, light up Madison Square Gardens in helping the New York Knicks beat the L.A. Lakers. This 6'3" point guard who was undrafted out of Harvard University has exploded onto the NBA scene this past week with a dramatic display of basketball talent. Last night he scored another personal high of 38 points. But, what is so remarkable about this? He is the first Chinese-American to play in the NBA.

I remember when blacks did not play quarterback in the NFL, and then that changed when the Washington Redskins behind Super
Bowl MVP Doug Williams won the Super Bowl XXII and put that piece of prejudice to rest for good.

I get excited when I see barriers come down! Walls come down, and ugly prejudice is shot out of the water! This says something very profound about our society, and some people are not going to like where I am going with this. We as a people are not going back to the ghetto, to the back of the bus, or any other place that ignorance and prejudice dwell. We are going to continue to change, yes I said change, and move forward to embrace a more inclusive society. Those that don't want to ride this train with us, will unfortunately, be left behind. Our society and the world is moving forward without them.

Tribute To Jackie Robinson - Leveling The Playing Field 1947, By F. D. Zigler, acrylic on paper envelope.

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Robert said...

Washington State is taking a step forward to become the 7TH state legalizing gay marriage. Just passed Legislature and governor plans to sign legislation on Monday. An initiative to repeal is expected, but hopefully the voters will uphold gay marriage if the initiative to repeal it goes to the ballot. Gay marriage at the state level, yet not recognized at the national level yet, but recognized fully in Canada at both the national and provincial level.