Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Altarpiece No. 2 - The Primer Phase

This is a progress update on Altarpiece No. 2.  I have covered the piece with white latex primer, and still doing a little sanding before I will start the drawing phase where I place my images on the inside of the 2 doors and the inside of the case.  I am still working on what exactly I will be placing on all 3 interior surfaces.  The treatment of the outside of the 2 doors I am still undecided. It takes time for my ideas to simmer before full reduction takes place.  I love the shape of the piece with the doors open.  I received my inspiration for Altarpiece No. 2 a few years ago on a visit to the Detroit Institute of Art.  The height is 28 inches and width with the doors closed is 20 inches.

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