Friday, October 5, 2012

Just The Tip of The Iceberg: 2012

For me the presidency is just the tip of the iceberg.  I am more concerned with the level playing field and the political party and their people that work to make a more level playing field a reality for more people, not fewer people.

I have been around now for 70 years. I have read a fair amount of political history.  I have observed over many years, and at times, I have even been a part of it all. I have been a liberal for a long time. I am not a communist; however, I recognize that even in a capitalist economic system that there are some things that are better handled by something called socialism.

Money as we know it, is only one aspect of wealth. Wealth encompasses so much more. Yet, the ability to raise money for political purposes, drives a great deal of what gets translated into economic policy. This I saw up close.  It is not something I read about; it is something I observed first hand. And, I know my party, the Democrat party takes money from the same people that gives money to the Republican party.  Buying influence is what campaign contributions is all about.

But, the economic philosophy of trickle-down-economics is not a philosophy I believe in, and nor do many wealthy people that I have known in my years of working with investment securities and some very large investment portfolios.  I have had discussions with millionaires and billionaires that line up with my philosophy of government and a desire, while not perfect, to see that those peoples that are not millionaires and billionaires have an opportunity to advance their station in life.  The Republican party in my opinion does not make an effort to do this, and furthermore, only moves to the left at election time in an effort to win elections, but not to help and protect those most in need.

The people that are the most vulnerable are the people that need government policies that help them. The very wealthy do not need government policies to make them even wealthier. I vote for the ideal of a more equitable society, and an equitable society helps those most in need of help not those that least need help.

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winslow said...

I still wonder why the Supreme Court allowed an unlimted amount of money from any source to be given out to political parties. This makes no sense as I read your philosophy. The middle class and the disadvantaged are the ones that need the government protection.