Saturday, December 22, 2012

We Have A Problem & We Need A Solution

When I was in the U.S. Army 47 years ago, I had the opportunity to go through some pretty decent training.  In one exercise we were given several pieces of equipment, and a job of getting an object from one place to another with the equipment provided and a team of men, where I was the leader. Some of the equipment had nothing to do with solving the problem at hand, and it was important for me as the team leader to recognize this right away because there was a time limit that I had to complete the task. Sizing up a situation that requires thinking, whether the job is mechanical or otherwise, is good training as life is very much like that. There was no blue or red ideas out there that summer day, nor were there liberal or conservative ideas laying on the ground for me to pick from.  The only idea that I needed to come up with was the right idea for moving a large object with a team of men over an obstacle in a limited amount of time.

Protecting children in schools has nothing to do with protecting people at shopping malls or theaters. Children must go to school by law, and therefore the government owes the parents of those children the protection necessary to ensure the safety of those children.

Schools traditionally are a soft target, but in our society today that has to change. In fact, it is faster and easier to make a soft target and hard target, than to get guns off the streets and change the 2nd Amendment. Putting guns in schools with trained personnel and/ or teachers is something that can be done fast. In first aid, the first thing is stop the bleeding and our schools are bleeding, and it needs to stop.

I don't care if my ideas are accepted by the right or the left, my ideas come from a place that is concerned with solving problems.  I don't give a f**k about ideology! Protecting children's lives in school is the problem and it should be everyone's concern.  Our children's safety is an issue of national security to my way of thinking.

By the way, I did successful move that object from one side of a barrier to the other in the time required for those who are interested.

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