Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Shutdown and The Jerks That Shut it Down

Shutting down the Federal Government has only drawn these jerks that have shut it down to the point where we can see that they really don't know how much the Federal Government does every day that we don't know about, or just take for granted.

The death benefit that is paid to every family of a person killed on active military duty is just one of many many things our Federal Government does, and it helps military families make their way through a very difficult time.  But, this is not all the Federal Government does for families, the sick and injured, and so many other programs that we don't know anything about help our veterans too.

This shutdown is not about the budget or the deficit.  It is politics at its worst.  It is about making the first black President of the United States appear that he can not do the job.  Because, if the first black president does a successful job for 8 years, then there might be other men and women of color that could do a good job too.  The Republican Party for the most part doesn't appeal to people of color, or for that matter, to a lot of white people either. They are a political party on their way out because the social and intellectual landscape of the United States has changed and is continuing to change rapidly. The Republican Party's refusal to do anything about immigration reform is just one part of their failing to deal with the United States in the 21st century.

Those jerks in Congress that believe that this will not hurt our economy and have no affect on the world's economy are stupid or they just don't care how much they hurt people.  This brings me to a point that some people will disagree.  The Republican Party doesn't care about people.  It is that simple. Their values are the values of selfishness and indifference.  Most people are seeing this now with the Federal Government shutdown, and they will remember this too at the next election.

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