Thursday, July 12, 2012

Car Insurance v. Healthcare Insurance

I agree that if the private sector can do the job then the public (government) sector does not need to get involved.

Let us take automobile (car) insurance for example.  If you watch just a little bit of TV, you see a plethora of car insurance commercials. Why is that? Why is the government not involved in car insurance other than stating that you must have liability insurance just in case to run into another car and injury someone in the car or standing nearby on the street?  I think the answer is because there is competition throughout the country when it comes to car insurance.  Have you ever counted how many different insurance companies are offering car insurance on TV?

Now let us take a look at healthcare insurance.  The Congress has given healthcare insurance companies a virtual monopoly within states so that there isn't really any competition like with car insurance. The healthcare insurance companies were able to manipulate the laws so that they could maximize profits and not maximize coverage of individuals and families.

While the Affordable Healthcare Act, commonly known as Obamacare, may not be perfect. The insurance companies did not ingratiate themselves with the people by canceling policies when people got sick, or, not giving coverage for the so-called preexisting condition, or keeping children on the family's healthcare insurance until age 26.

I think it is safe to say that healthcare insurance companies used a variety of strategies to payout less for healthcare while at the same time charging the insured with higher premiums nearly every year.  Insurance company personnel receiving bonuses based on the number of people denied treatment for serious conditions is no way to run a healthcare system, in my opinion.

So now we have Obamacare. Well, many more people will be insured and once families get to know what benefits they will have because of it, I think more people will like it.  I did not say everyone will like it, as I am sure the presidents of the large healthcare insurance companies will never like it.

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winslow said...

You really hit the nail. The new healthcare package (who the hell called it Obamacare?) is an attempt to redeem our healthcare system, albeit not perfect. For all those opposed, please present a new workable package for all!