Thursday, October 16, 2008

Change Still Comes Hard

Civilization does not move in a straight line. By this I mean that change comes hard. A few years back a pharaoh tried to change the religion of ancient Egypt from a belief in many gods to a belief in one god. He ran into resistance and historians believe he died as a result of his efforts to bring about this sudden change. Years later, another group of people adopted this belief in one god and in fact it flourished.

After the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed, there were changes in ideas and attitudes about government’s role in protecting her people in the United States. Believe it or not these same ideas concerning the protection of her citizens came from Europe. Germany had laws to act as a safety net for her people before the 20TH Century. Many of the ideas that came out of the New Deal were based on the simple idea that government had a role to play in the security of her people. But, not everyone saw this as a good thing. Today, unfortunately, there are still people that think government should not look out for the well being of her people. Those that do not like government protecting her people call this socialism. Laws that protect people’s savings in banks is not, in my opinion, socialism. Laws that protect people from being swindled by investment banks and brokers is not socialism. Laws that ensure that we have police and fire protection is not socialism.

On November 4, the American people have a choice. They can vote for McCain, a Republican, and a party that believes in deregulation. Or, they can vote for Obama-Biden, Democrats, that believe government has a role in protecting her people from being made marks for the financial industry. If you do not like what has happened to your 401-K or your personal investment portfolio, I suggest that you strongly consider voting for Obama-Biden. The Democrats are still trying to protect the people after almost 80 years. Change still comes hard.

Stay tuned.

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