Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Presidential Elections

With so much out there to write about and make comments, I am going to take a break. The presidential campaign has another two weeks until election day and both campaigns are working hard to get people to vote for them. There is nothing wrong with that, that is what campaigning is all about. But why the personal attacks? We know from our own history that from the first days of our republic, personal attacks against the candidates running for office is nothing new. Mean and dishonest things were said about many of the men we call our Founding Fathers of this nation. So, the intelligent thing to do is to put those personal attacks aside. Concentrate on the issues and the policies and vote for the person you feel will best serve the country or for that matter your interests.

I have already voted, and I voted for Obama-Biden. I am a Democrat, but I know the Obama-Biden administration can not do all the things I think should be done. However, I think they will do more of the things that I think should be done than the Republican ticket. The philosophy of economic deregulation as it applies to finance and banking is a failed philosophy. The financial problems that millions of Americans find themselves in today can be traced back to the failed policies of the Bush administration. The United States, in my opinion, needs to shore up its policies as they relate to banking and investment banking. The rest of the world can not be expected to continue to purchase our debt if we do not put our house in order. I believe that an Obama-Biden administration has the best chance to correct the mistakes made during the last eight years and before and place our economy on a sounder footing. Regulation is not a four-letter word!!! Proper oversight would have been a lot cheaper than the trillions of dollars lost in the stock market, and now being spent by the Federal government in the bailout/rescue package just passed by the Congress.

I think the OBAMA-BIDEN ticket is the best ticket for most of American, if not all of America.

Stay tuned.

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