Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Watch The Presidential Debate Tonight

I hope everyone that can will watch the Presidential Debate tonight at 9pm EST. Our country is facing some very difficult times a head. If you have not made up your mind who you want to vote for, take the time to watch and listen to the debate tonight. The economic and regulatory problems facing the United States are very real. Each one of us and our families and friends' lives in part will depend on the kind of leadership our country elects for the next 4 years. Those that think that it does not make any difference who is elected, should re-think that opinion. The economic problems of the present are man made. Much of the economic pain and suffering that American families are facing could have been avoided with the right leadership. Since February, I have written about the economy and the securities industry to include banking and investment banking. The way out of this politico-economic mess that we are in is possible, but before it can be fixed, the problems that put us where we are must be recognized. It is my opinion, that the philosophy of deregulation of the banking and securities industry is at the heart of our problems. Financial markets will not regulate themselves any more than the players in the NFL will regulate there conduct during the heat of a game if there were no officials. Regulation, oversight, auditing and transparency must be put back into the financial markets in the United States, not just for our own good, but for the good of the world markets that depend on our leadership. The finanical market is a global village. We are all in this together and the rest of the world looks to the United States to fulfill its role as a leader.

Stay tuned.

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