Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Is For Art

Can you see behind the mask? Which mask do you choose? It has been a tough week at many levels for me, but none of the ride has been entirely new. As my father would say, " I feel like I am on the merry-go-round for just another time." Today we would say, "been there, done that." We get the government we deserve, but not all of us deserve such poor leaders. Some of us have voted for leaders that understand that deregulation of the economy is plain stupid. In every corner of our lives there is the need for some regulation, laws, codes, stop signs, traffic lights. Have you ever experienced a power failure where the traffic lights go out? Most of the people will automatically understand that the intersection then becomes a 4-way stop, and cars must take turns. But then there is always a few who think that the 4-way stop is for everyone else except them, and then sometimes there is an accident because some bonehead can not act civilized. Well the financial markets are no different. While many people would do the right thing, in the financial business where greed is the religion of the day, people have little empathy for their fellow man. The conservative right has said that regulation adds cost to business. Well, how much cost is this bailout/rescue costing? By the time all is said and done, the cost willbe in the trillions of dollars. The conservative political-economic philosophy of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush is bankrupt. BANKRUPT!!! Policies of deregulation have lead America to this point. Blaming the huge financial problems on a few bad mortgages is a sick joke. The problem goes so much deeper than that. Why do you think that after all the mortgage rescue legislation the stock market is still falling? This is about a lot more than bad mortgage bonds and the fact that no one wants to make a market in bonds they don't know what is in them. And yet, with all the problems that we have with the economy, conservatives are still talking about deregulation as being the answer. America has a chance to save itself this November 4 by voting and voting for OBAMA-BIDEN. The political-economic philosophy of the Republican Party is bankrupt and has already done considerable damage to the American economy. Another four years of the same stupid policies will be the end of the middle class in America. Enjoy your weekend.

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