Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bonehead Is As Bonehead Does

The Republican Party as we have known it is about to disappear. Stupidity is a dangerous thing and what we are seeing today by the Republicans in Congress and their new head of the RNC, Michael Steele, is a level of stupidity that may very well do them in as a relevant political party.

To say the Stimulus package does not create any jobs, it just makes work, is about as boneheaded as one can get. Even the talking head George Stephanopolis on THIS WEEK could not believe his ears. Would the Republicans like to say that all the men and women in the Armed Forces of our nation do not have jobs, they just have work? Even the Republican Governors of California and Florida know how important the Stimulus package is to this country’s economic recovery. The poor people of my neighbor state Kentucky have a Senator Mitch McConnell who will lie through his teeth and try to make the argument that the New Deal did not help bring us out of the Great Depression. Such misreading of American History is a little too much to stomach given the situation at hand. I feel sorry for the people of Kentucky that are trying to keep their families together under one roof. To all the other southern and western states whose senators and representatives play politics with their lives, I say the vote is in your hands. Wake up and see who is working in Washington for your interests.

This Stimulus Bill will get through Congress, but the Republican Party is about to become a thing of the past. Even Rush Limbaugh’s fans will eventually wake up and see the light. This President is cut from a different piece of cloth, it is known already by many to be the case and more will come to know it in the near future.

Stay tuned.


winslow said...

I'm starting to have another bout of a "worry" inflection. When Geithner was selected, I posted a negative feeling, based on his actions over the last 2 years. After yesterday's speech, I believe he is definitely not the right person for the job. Obama also said we cannot have 2 sets of laws in the country, one for the elite and laws for everyone else. This is what we exactly have. Geithner cheated on his taxes and just had to pay-up with no consequences. It seems we are running out of ethical individuals in this country. As bad as other countries may be, we no longer act as a leader. Our social experiment in democracy and capitalism is growing weaker.
And as for the Rebublican party, you are correct. When Bush was president, they blasted anyone for not respecting the "office" of president. Now, many of these Republican "spokespeople" are shaming the president. Rush went so far to say he hopes Obama's policies fail (too bad he never said this about Bush and the war).

LceeL said...

Geithner didn't cheat so much as he made a common mistake on his taxes. BFD. I'd like to see the tax returns of all of the republican Senators and Representatives and see how many of THEM come off smelling like a rose.

Joanne Licsko said...


moneythoughts said...

Joanne, thanks for your comment. I love your work. Please come back again and write more. I don't charge by the word.