Monday, February 2, 2009

Time To Wise Up

Wanting to write strictly about economics and our economy was my objective when I started my blog MONEYTHOUGHTS about one year ago. Unfortunately, talking about our domestic economy without talking about the political impact on our economy is not looking at the complete picture. Politics plays a role and that role is here to stay. And, while I understand that role is here to stay, the level of discussion at times is so bad that I wonder if it is possible for us to get out of our own way.

Listening to Republican politicians talking about “American solutions” to our economic problems as if a German or French solution that works would be un-American is just upsetting. This kind of nonsense is not nonsense, this is, in my opinion, stupid. Economic solutions that work should not be discarded because someone outside of America came up with them. Would we turn down a cure to Cancer or Parkinson because it came from a scientist in another country? This whole idea that the United States must only use “American solutions” to her economic problems is just plain stupid, but some people are trying to sell this idea.

The economy of the United States has both elements of capitalism and socialism as do much of the world’s largest economies. No country is without some aspects of a socialist economy. Social Security, Medicare and a standing army, navy, air force and marines are socialists aspects of the same Federal Government. Do we want to remove the police and fire protection from our communities as well? These are all socialist aspects of our economy. Anytime the government takes on a role or a job that is not handled by the private sector, it is socialism. Socialism is not the problem. Corruption and waste are the problems.

Americans need to wise up. The crap they are being feed on the radio and TV by politicians, radio guys and talking heads about socialism is just so much nonsense. Our form of government and our economy has aspects of socialism and has had them for many many years. The Stimulus Bill before Congress is necessary to our well being. It is time to wise up and not be scared by labels like socialism.

Stay tuned.


winslow said...

When you write, you write with wisdom. Thank you. Why is it that (most) politicians seem to have lost this virtue? There seems to be a powergrab as the main goal.

What we, as a society, should focus on, is balance. You are correct stating that socialism being part of our society...we just need to look for balance. Unions are important for protection of rights, but let unions become too strong and out-of-balance, and the entire system is compromised.
In order to have this balance, we need rules and laws (and they need to be enforced).
It seems this law of balances has been upset the last 10 yrs (maybe longer).

moneythoughts said...

The problem for the rest of us is that we are not that very exclusive club called the U.S. Senate. They can afford to play politics, because that is how they keep their job, or think they keep their job.

The shape of the Republican Party after the '08 elections is poor. Rush Limbaugh is the Plato of the Republican Party. I rest my case. What else can they do, but play the role of the "loyal opposition" and obstruct wherever they can. The Republican Party is bankrupt. They have no new ideas, and their old ideas have gone up in smoke. They occupy seats in the senate and the house, those still left, and their track record over the last 8 years only points to their lack of care about the welfare of the American people. The American people are figuring this out, because nothing teaches us so well has hands on experience. And, the majority of Americans are receiving hands on experience to the screw ups of the Bush administration and the Republican Party's philosophy of deregulation. Unless the Republicans in Congress get smart and work with President Obama, there will be even fewer Republicans in congress and the senate after the elections in '10. Just watch. Where did the Whig Party go?