Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day In Cincinnati 2010: Go Reds!

Today is Opening Day in my hometown. The oldest professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds, takes the field today after the Findlay Market Parade moves to the center of town, Fountain Square. But Major League Baseball (MLB) no longer gives the Reds the honor of opening the new season as MLB had done for so many years. Sunday night opened this 2010 season in Boston with the Red Sox taking on the World Champion New York Yankees in prime time TV. You see, MLB is all about the money these days, tradition be damned if a few owners can make more big bucks. But, that is the message in so much we see in our society today.

Banking is big bucks too, and politicians in Washington will do almost anything to keep the bankers, who fund their campaigns, happy and making the big bucks.

Play Ball! calls the umpire, and the politicians run out onto the field and grab the money.

Stay tuned.

Level Playing Field Out The Window, acrylic on paper envelope by F.D. Zigler.


LceeL said...

Actually, it has to do with the Butler/Duke game tonight. I guess March Madness now spills over into April and Baseball takes it on the chin. Boo - Basketball. Boo - Yankees and Red Sox. Besides, they're in that other league where they don't play real baseball any longer anyway.

moneythoughts said...

I need to read MONEYBALL by Michael Lewis. Yes, the DH isn't real baseball.

Butch said...

Teh real sport is taking place and the Miami Redhawks have a chance for a National Title. Go (the other) Big Red. There is only one sport.....anyone have a puck?