Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Morning & The Bengal's Draft

If you are a Cincinnati Bengal fan, I think you have to be pleased with the Bengal's draft class of 2010. If half of these guys work out and contribute, I think they will have done well. My son and I agree that you can't have too many good defensive players. In a 16 game season, where any number of defensive players can get hurt, real depth on defense can only be a plus. Giving the offense the ball on a short field, over a 16 game schedule, can add up to points. Points and great defense equals wins, and wins give the Bengals another shot at the playoffs. A healthy and off-field trouble free football team should be able to return to the playoffs with the talent the Bengals have put together. Good luck to the organization - players and coaches!

Let me say that I am not a talent scout for the NFL, but over the years, I have watched my share of college and NFL football. My comments are now directed at those that think Tim Tebow will be a bust in the NFL. I would not bet on it. I have watched this young man and I have listened to and read a few articles about him, and while I do not subscribe to many of his off-field beliefs, I nevertheless, recognize that this is a great football talent. Desire and motivation are, in my opinion, not given enough credit for the success of players in the NFL. We have seen great raw talent wasted because of off-field behavior or a lack of a strong work ethic. I think Tebow will do well in the NFL. I am not prepared to predict a Hall of Fame career, but for all of those that talked about why they think he wouldn't make it, I think you all are dead wrong. I plan to follow this young man's career and I wish him the very best. Left handers have to stick together.

Stay tuned.

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