Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blazing Saddles: Where's The 2011 Rewrite?

Last night I watched Blazing Saddles on TV. The film was made in 1974, and if you have never seen it, I recommend you take the time and watch this movie. The basic story is that a black sheriff, Cleavon Little, is appointed by a corrupt politician and becomes his adversary as he successfully protects the town that the corrupt politician is attempting to destroy. This is Mel Brooks at his best. Cleavon White does a tremendous job with his role as sheriff as he was a great talent.

Perhaps it is time for Mel Brooks to update the story. The sheriff's great great grandson becomes President and tries to save the economy of the country, but he encounters corrupt politicians that are hell bent on destroying the country before they would give the black president a fair chance.

Where are you Mel Brooks when we need you?


From the Peanut Gallery said...

Simple, succinct and true. Bravo!!

moneythoughts said...

Could Mel Brooks have seen the future in 1974? Wouldn't a contemporary treatment of his story have Obama's name written all over it?