Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Last Sunflowers of Summer

Before I tore my tendon in my left leg, I planted sunflower seeds that I saved from two years ago. I did not water them much this year; however, they managed to get enough moisture from the summer rains. I also did not tie them back so they would not fall over the driveway. Last week I had to cut them down, but I saved 2 sunflowers and brought them into the house and stuck them in a vase. The following day I took their picture. I like this composition of color and I am likely to do something with it. Perhaps another sunflower painting to remember my summer of 2011.

Everyone have a safe and nice weekend. And, hopefully Donald Trumps' hair can cause hurricane Irene to turn out to sea and not hit the east coast.


Butch said...

Now that's what I've been waiting for.....perfect compostion. Will be a great winter painting project. Now I want to know how you got the sunflowers to cooperate and look so perfect in their stage of life.

moneythoughts said...

Butch, it is what I call a happy accident. More luck than anything else. The contrasting yellows of the two sunflowers caught my eye, and the sunlight coming through the window created the interesting composition of lights and darks. As I said, "happy accident" and just lucky to feel like taking their picture at that time. : )