Saturday, August 13, 2011

A New Dark Age For Western Civilization?

Some liberals probably did not watch the Republican Presidential candidates' debate the other night on FOX TV from Iowa; however, I tuned in and watched the whole thing. The dumbing down of America is almost complete as all we need is a Republican President that would turn down a 10:1 ratio of budget cuts to tax increases! As if the word compromise had been removed from the English language!

The men and one woman that were on stage the other night in the debate are not dumb people, but they know how dumb the electorate has become. The only question left to ask is: are there more idiots out there voting Republican in 2012 than voting Democrat? The Democrats have shown an unwillingness to fight for what they believe, and that then leads to the question: what do Democrats believe in?

Every one of these 8 presidential candidates raised their hand when one of the questioners asked who would not support a 10:1 ratio of budget cuts to tax increases if they were president. When this country gets to gridlock politically, I think we are finished as a Super Power.

What this means is that the science of economics has been thrown out the window, and the flat earth people now rule the country! At this point, those Republicans, Democrats and independents with financial resources that are liquid and a brain and education will pick up and leave the country. There are several countries where English is spoken as either the primary or secondary language, and many who will leave are smart enough to learn another language. The United States will be left to the religious right that denies the role that science and logic plays in the formation of civilization. A new Dark Age will be upon this land.

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