Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dr. Franklin Is Spinning In His Grave

You know, you don't have to be a trained economist or win a Nobel Prize in Economics to understand supply and demand. To watch and listen to the politicians on both sides of the political spectrum you would think that a few of them would have taken or even remembered something from Econ 101. The Federal Government is a legitimate piece of our domestic economy. In fact, for a very long time, citizens of the United States understood this. Some people now think that the Federal Government has no place in our domestic economy, and that is a piece of fatal and erroneous reasoning. The Federal Government in 2011 has a legitimate role to play in our domestic economy and it is more than just spending for defense.

This country has not kept up with its internal physical maintenance. The more enlightened among us have spoken and written about the need to replace and repair our infrastructure. But, there is in the United States today a movement away from reason and scientific thinking. The country has been dumbed down to the point that this country's decline and defeat will not come from an enemy abroad, but from the enemy within. As the saying goes, "we have met the enemy, and it is us!" Yes, the American people are their own worst enemy. Serious thought and analysis are no longer held in high regard, as craziness with no analysis is the new Einstein. The 1960s, a time of reason, thinking and discovery is no more. The scientists of tomorrow will be leaving our country to travel to lands where science and reason are held in high regard, and foolishness is for entertainment and fun.

The Federal Government has a legitimate role to play in the economic cycle. To deny this is to run a race on one leg of a four legged animal. So much needs to be done, such as the FAA building projects that have been furloughed because Congress has failed to act. By the time the middle class wakes up and discovers that there is no middle class it will be too late. The present day Republican Party is succeeding in returning the United States to the 19th century. The body of knowledge that was produced during the 20th century is being systematically denounced, and we are soon to enter a new Dark Age. Even Dr. Franklin would be spinning in his gave if he knew the direction we are headed.


Butch said...

Totally agree. Check out this site. Abe Lincoln is a real person, about 75 or so that lives in Brookville, OH. His main thing is his bird blog but he had a TV show on PBS at one time and has a book or two out. He had a blog of Japan, old pictures he took while there during the war. He recently started conversing on politics. Check this out......

Robert said...

Do to increased expectations for comfort and public safety, government needs to play a bigger role in our economy than it did in the early part of the 19nth century. Our technology is a lot different now than back then as well. It's true, the Republicans and for the most part Libertarians seem to want to bring us back to that area, but there is an old saying which goes, "you can't go home again."