Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are Your Shoes Wet?

Just 2 days left before the Federal Government's debt ceiling hits the wall. Talking about walls, there is a lot of shit thrown against the wall by the Republican Party, but that is to be expected. What I marvel at is that the Republican Party has so many followers. This party does not have the interest of 99% of the American people. Their policies take care of only 1% or possibly 2% of the population. The interesting thing is that they are able to convince a much larger percentage of the population, to think, they are trying to help them to a better life. Is it even possible for these Americans that have nothing to be gained from voting for the Republican Party, to wake up some morning and realize on what side of the bread their bread is buttered? When will people ask themselves why large corporations can pay no taxes and other large corporations receive tax breaks that the ordinary worker does not receive? I admit the Republican Party does a great job of presenting a plethora of social issues that distract people from the key economic issues that would give them and their children a better life. And yet they, the Republican Party, claims to want to reduce the size and reach of the Federal Government except when it is reaching into those homes and families that don't mirror their righteous leaders. Education is hardly enough, people need to be able to think and analyze what is being said. If someone is pissing on your shoe, don't let them tell you it is raining. For God's sakes, Wake up!


LceeL said...

Just wanted to let you know that I DID read this last Sunday. I just didn't know what to say.

moneythoughts said...

Lou, I that you were on vacation. You may already be back. Did you see the Bush 43 stamp? Hope you had a wonderful vacation.