Saturday, July 30, 2011

President Obama And A Lincoln Moment

I find it hard to believe that idiots are running the country. The debt ceiling crisis besides being a manufactured crisis is also not the big deal the peanut brain idiots of the Republican Party believe it is. Governments do 2 things: they collect taxes and they spend revenue. Raising a little more revenue is such a bitter pill that the idiots will in effect raise the cost of borrowing which of itself will be like a higher tax by putting the country into default. So, people that don't understand economics or the capital markets for that matter, or how to govern, are making decisions based on false assumptions. Yes, if I was a single old man, with no other responsibilities to anyone else, I would look into leaving and living in another country. The bird size brain idiots in Congress, with their faith based reasoning, has put western civilization back at least 500 years. In my opinion, I think in the end it will be up to President Obama to raise the debt ceiling by executive order and let the Supreme Court decide if he has the power to do so under the 14th amendment. I hope he has the courage to take the action if it is necessary.

Stay tuned. This is just the beginning.


Robert said...

Very well stated.

Cloudia said...

my nails are chewed to the quick!

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winslow said...

What is even more amazing...there was a bill to be passed that would cut $4 trillion dollars over 10 yrs.....and still, it could not be passed. I am ashamed of the U.S. leaders.