Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Project: Postage Stamp

While I am healing from leg surgery, I came across an idea for another of my political satire postage stamps. Tuesday I was out and about with the help of my friend Stertmeyer, and I bought a piece of canvas board. I like to use canvas board or any other kind of board or plywood especially when I am doing a lot of mechanical drawing on my artwork. I also use cereal boxes to make patterns where I need to use a design more than once. When the drawing is complete, I will start painting with acrylics. So, besides sleeping in front of the TV while I am waiting for my left quad tendon to heal, I can do a little drawing. Here is what it looks like after one day's work. I got tired standing all morning and quit drawing and cutting patterns in the early afternoon. This old man got tired. The brace on my leg after a while feels like it weighs 50 pounds, so I took a nap. For the graphics of this postage stamp, I went back to an early 20TH century postage stamp design. More pics latter when the details are filled in.

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