Tuesday, July 12, 2011

They Think They Can Beat The Negro President

After listening to what is going on in Congress, it is my opinion that we have finally reached that point where the dumber are running the show. The right wing of the Republican Party is so fucking dumb that they have no comprehension of what a default will mean to our domestic economy. Also, it is my opinion that they think they can beat this negro president. It is also my opinion from evidence such as the recent marriage piece out of Iowa about slave babies had it better in 1860, than African-American babies growing up in the United States under President Obama's administration in 2011, that lead me to this conclusion. Senator McConnell said from the get go that he wants to make Obama a one term president. I don't think they would take this thing to the brink (and what now appears to be past the brink) on the default of the government, if the president was white. I think, that they really believe they will win in 2012 if the country defaults under the negro president. Every level headed adult has said the default is something we should not play with. Unfortunately, there are not enough level headed adults in the Republican Party in congress. The days of liberal or even conservative Republicans is past. The Southern Strategy that the Republican Party has pursued since Senator Strum Thurmond became a Republican in the early 1960s is still alive. One only has to listen to the twisted fabrications of American Political History that comes out of the mouths of the Republican presidential candidates to understand that the foundation of their arguments are rooted in distortions and racism. How can any intelligent person accept this behavior from a major political party in the United States in 2011?

Obama 44 Cent Stamp by F.D. Zigler, acrylic on MDO plywood, 2009.


LceeL said...

You won't hear President Obama raise the "Race" issue - but it's there, nonetheless. The Civil War is still being fought, by ignorant and socially retarded numbfucks from the South like Senator McConnell

moneythoughts said...

Lou, you are right again. No, President Obama can't make an issue of it any more than Jackie Robinson could make an issue of white players trying to spike him in 1947. But, those of us who have lived in this country for as many years as we have, know racism when we see it. The level headed Republicans are now outnumbered, and the country will suffer from the stupidity of the right wingers!!!