Monday, July 11, 2011

Let's Go Back To The 14th Century And No Big Government

Let's go back to the 14Th century and no big governments. We could all live around castles and pay our lord in crops for his protection in case of war. That way we pay no new taxes, except if the duke decides he needs more money to run the castle. Yes, let us go back to a simple time when everyone knew their place and the world was at peace. For those of you who know your European history from the 14Th century forward and don't care to repeat the lessons of history, it might serve us all well to enlighten those among us who think that life as we know it now has always been like this and that to go back would be a huge improvement. Why stop at the Tea Party Rebellion of the 18Th century, let us go back to even Roman times when Caesars decided what our taxes will be and who will pay and who will be slave. I get a kick out of listening to the those that don't know the history of western civilization. For the Republican Party, history is just more propaganda and it is to be used to manipulate the masses. So masses, be manipulated by the false history that comes forth from the mouths of Palin and Bachman, for ignorance is surely the new way to go. Can someone tell me when the NFL lockout will end so the gladiators will be able to fight? The coliseums are waiting.

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Butch said...

Ahhhhhh, someone is felling better or those pain meds are finally working. I guessing the feeling better.

Love that era of history and some bit earlier is okay too. Waiting for the Borgais mini series to come back on Showtime.