Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Is For Art: Bush 43 Postage Stamp

Artists get their ideas from many places. I get a lot of my ideas for political satire from reading magazine articles and books. A few weeks ago I suggested that anyone interested in Bush 43 and the Saudi relationship surrounding 9/11 might like to read an article in the August issue of VANITY FAIR titled THE KINGDOM AND THE TOWERS. After reading the article and looking at the photos accompanying the article, this postage stamp came to me. The graphics I borrowed from a beautiful 1923, 14 cent U.S. postage stamp of an American Indian in blue. My Bush 43 stamp is still a work in progress as there is much yet to do before it has my seal of approval. But since I am not moving around very much these days with a leg brace strapped to my left leg, I thought I would share my progress report with my many fans of MONEYTHOUGHTS.

Take care and be well and drink plenty of liquids during this heat dome we are having in eastern half of the United States.

Bush 43 Postage Stamp by F.D. Zigler, in acrylic on canvas board, 2011.

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