Friday, November 11, 2011


I know some people are making a lot of the date today. While it is only November 11, 2011, the numerical date can be written 11/11/11. Six ones! What is so special about that? Next year we will have December 12, 2012 and that numerical date will be written 12/12/12.

I remember sitting in 7th grade math and the teacher Mister Freese said today is 5/5/55, and the next time this will happen will be 6/6/66. So, when 6/6/66 came around, I thought of my old math teacher and track coach Ollie Freese. I was in Korea on June 6, 1966 working at 8th Army Headquarters, and I was probably reading The Stars & Stripes newspaper. I will not bore you with where I was on 7/7/77, or 8/8/88, or 9/9/99, but if you ask me where I was I can tell you where I was working then.

You see people that work with bonds have a thing for remembering dates. A bond and a bond transaction has several dates. First, there is the Trade Date, then there is the Settlement Date, next there is the Maturity Date of the bond and Dated Date of the bond. After that there is the First Interest Payment Date, and then there might even be a Call Date that the bond can be called before its maturity date.

But the important thing to remember is that today is Veteran's Day! Take a moment to remember all those men and women that served our country in uniform, and be appreciative that they did!

Stay tuned.

American Flag Makes The Scene by F.D. Zigler, oil and enamel on board.

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