Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Somali Pirates Replace Goldman Sachs On Greek Bonds


It has been learned that the Somali Pirates have been hired to replace Goldman Sachs as underwriters of Greece's next debt issue. Greece is still under considerable pressure to find a way out of its huge debt service on outstanding Greek Bonds, and has decided to take a new course of action. Details have not been announced by the Greek government or the Somali Pirates as to how this will work, but at this point any ship in the sea is worth a look. No word from GS on how they are taking the news about being replaced by pirates.

Stay tuned.


LceeL said...

Who knew? I thought GS WERE the pirates.

moneythoughts said...

There is always someone a little more hungry. Somali Pirates have taken a step towards becoming investment bankers to countries with very serious money problems.

Butch said...

Very good. Very funny. Oh so true.