Thursday, November 24, 2011

3 Paintings For Sale By F.D. Zigler

I have 3 new paintings for sale at Collector's Art Group, 225 East 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH on the 2nd floor. They are in acrylic on canvas board and were painted in 2011. These pieces are rather small in size. They will be in the Holiday Art Show.


Robert said...

Maybe someday there will be a comic series entitled "Super Committee."

moneythoughts said...

Robert, I think that is a great idea. We need to come up with the Super Committee Man. Many years ago, my father did his impress of the politician. Perhaps I will dig it up and photograph it and post it. I am sure you would love it. said...

Love the paintings, especially the more abstract ones. Unfortunately I've got no spare pennies to buy one,
but I'm sure you'll have no problem, they're awesome.
Paintings for Sale