Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Part 2: No Airline For Old Men

Fifth day and still no luggage. I am dealing with an incompetent corporation, and there are many of them these days, or, an out and out theft of my bag by a UNITED personnel. Either way, I am still without my single green bag. So simple and yet so far away. Talked with a nice man in India this morning and that was fun. The same BS. They have a computer in India, so what? They need boots on the ground in Chicago to find my bag and that they don't have. I placed a call to Glen F. Tilton, Chairman & CEO of UAL Corporation World at 77 West Wacker Drive in Chicago this morning. I got an operator and she asked what was the nature of my call, and I told her "a lost bag". I left my cell phone number, so, I should be getting a call back soon, don't you think? I think I must maintain a sense of humor about this whole thing at this point. This airline, UNITED, is really fucked up.

Stay tuned.


Naomi said...

Well then, would you like us to plan a Green Bag Prayer Circle? Not really sure how to do that (without sarcastic humor), but I'm game if it would make you feel better about your missing bag. I'll send you new socks! I think I have a sock fetish, just can't seem to resist cool socks! Hang in there, Fred.

LceeL said...

Well, when you get home there should be a tube sitting in mail, waiting for you. But it won't be your luggage.

moneythoughts said...

Glenn Tilton, Chairmen and CEO of UAL Corporation World never returned my call about my lost bag. I guess I could conclude that lost bags don't mean much to UNITED. Perhaps they need a better attitude about delivering bags if they are going to charge for them. The idea of customer service has been exported at UNITED to India, and there isn't much chance some guy in India is going to put your bag on the next flight. There must be a better way.