Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Phenomena Known As Rush Limbaugh

Saturday is for art will continue, but this Saturday I need to make a few non-art comments.

The phenomena known as Rush Limbaugh says more about America than it does about him. Rush Limbaugh can not help himself get out of the way of his own stupidity. I once worked with a fellow that described a co-worker as not having a clutch between their mouth and their brain. Rush Limbaugh does not have much of a brain, and as for a clutch to moderate his thoughts before he speaks, it is either unused or nonexistent. Rush's comments about the Jews and banking that he used as a fulcrum to go after President Obama really exposes several things about Rush. First, that he is not too bright is a given, but second, that he would dance with the age old canard about Jews and banking, demonstrates that his knowledge is weak, and that he will throw anyone under the bus to achieve his ends, which is tearing down President Obama. But, as I said in my initial sentence, Rush Limbaugh's success on talk radio says more about America than it does about Rush. Yes, I am Jewish. And, I once worked in five different bank trust departments as a bond trader and as a portfolio manager, but in each of those five banks, I was the only Jewish person working with the investment group. When you are part of a minority that makes up less than 2% of the population, you are going to find people of other backgrounds and religions working with you. So, in conclusion, while Rush may think that Jews control banking, he need only check into the facts to realize the error in his thinking. I hope Rush does a little research next time he opens his mouth.

Stay tuned.

Three Masks in acrylic on paper.


Julie Schuler said...

Racism is so ugly. I know people from my hometown through facebook, always complaining about "the Mexicans", and most of them came from Polish/Slavic ancestry. You know THEIR ancestors didn't speak English when THEY came here, and they got paid less than almost any other nationality when they came here to work in the coal mines, because, who cares? They're only Poles! American short-sightedness is almost breathtaking.

LceeL said...

There was a time in this country when it REALLY sucked to be Irish. And, of course, it still sucks to be black, or latino, or anything really, not WASP. Of course, that's what Rush is - White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Chances are Rush's ancestors are actually NOT Anglo Saxon, but given that he fits the mold so closely, I'm not going to be the one to try to disabuse anyone of that notion. He is a close minded racist - you couldn't open his mind with a crow bar.

Jientje said...

I'll be back to read this post. Just wanted you to know I posted the uncropped picture.

Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Fred, I really like the mask images. There are people in the public eye all over the world whose 'image' or phenomena status make thinking people cringe.

winslow said...

People like Rush are scarry