Friday, June 4, 2010

Based On A Political Philosophy That Is Stupid To The Core

Stupidity or deceit, that is the question. Are Republicans just stupid to think that corporations will consider what is best for the birds and animals of the Gulf of Mexico in their efforts to maximize their corporate profits, or is it just plain deceit. The political philosophy that the Republicans enunciate - less government is better government, is a lie. Whether people like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and the rest of the idiots that embrace the political philosophy of the Republican Party realize the destruction they have caused as a result of their ideas that government should turn a blind eye to the behavior of corporate America whether on Wall Street or drilling for oil in the Gulf, has given us the problems that we all will suffer. Look at what has happened to the birds covered in oil and dying!!! This is a political philosophy the Republicans can be proud of?

It is my sincere hope that the images of pelicans covered in oil and dying will cause people to realize that the political philosophy of less government is better government is bankrupt. Now that the oil spill has continued to gush for over 40 days and has effectively destroyed waters, wetlands, beaches, commercial fishing and a whole way of life and livelihood for the people of the Gulf, perhaps decent people will remember this the next time they go to the polls and vote. Voting for less government is a vote for no governing and a vote for destruction of our lands and waters. How much more would it have cost us if the government had enforced safe drilling procedures in the first place? How much would it have cost BP if they would have treated their permit to drill with reverence for the waters, lands wildlife and people that call this part of America HOME?

If this oil spill does not awakened a majority of Americans to the inherent stupidity of the Republican Party's political philosophy, then there is not much hope that we as a people have the intelligence to see the difference between right and wrong. This massive oil spill was man made, just as the financial crisis on Wall Street was man made, and it is the result of a political philosophy that is stupid to the core. It is based on a political philosophy that is stupid to the core. It is based on a political philosophy that is stupid to the core.

Stay tuned.


winslow said...

Sarah Palin has been very quite ever since the oil spill....where is her oky-doky philosophy now?

moneythoughts said...

They have all been very quiet Winslow. George Bush, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and of course the idiots on Fox TV and the morons on talk radio.

The problem with the Dems is: they haven't any guts either. If I was on TV, like so many of the Dems are, I would rub their faces in the oil spill.

Now, just maybe, the people from the south and west that think small government is such a good idea, will realize what a lie this political philosophy is. Those that have skin in the game, need to understand that a government that does not hold corporate America's feet to the fire is no way to govern.

Those that love to fish and hunt need to realize that lies that have been told leads to the oil they now walk, swim, hunt and fish in!!!